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Designed by Andrea in 2008, the Angle Shelf is more than "just a shelf". It adds beauty through the clean lines and unique pressence. Others have tried to replicate, but this is the original design. Featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and blogs the Angle Shelf has become one of Andrea Summerton's iconic designs.

The Angle Shelf is available in metal or wood, left or right pointing.
26" x 6.75" x 8" h

The wood Angle Shelf is finished with 100% natural tung oil (zero VOC) which means that it is eco-friendly with no harmful airborne toxins. The tung oil is a tough, water resistant coating that is pressed from the seeds of Tung trees. No petroleum distillates or other additives are in the finish. Wood species available include bamboo, walnut, and oak.

The metal Angle Shelf is finished with a black or white powdercoat. The powdercoating finish process is when the metal shelf is charged with an electric static. Next, a powder pigment is sprayed and the electic static captures the powder to the metal. The powder on the shelf is baked at a high temperature producing an enamel type finish. Powdercoating is more eco-friendlier than regular spray paint / laquer because the oversprayed powder can be collected and used again. As with sparying paint, whatever paint doesn't rach the object is wasted.

Custom sizes, finishes, material are available. Please contact info@alsdesigns.com

Designed in Brooklyn & Made in the U.S.A.

email to purchase direct from Andrea Summerton info@alsdesigns.com


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